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How Can Video Help Your Hotel?

If people believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, then video must surely be worth a million.
Statistics show that 65% of people learn visually, while 30% learn verbally. Online video engages viewers and shows your brand in the way YOU want it to be seen. With the use of cinematic imagery, brand images, personalized interviews and/or voiceovers, people who watch your video will have a clear idea of who you are, what you offer, and why they should book with you.

Features & Benefits of Rezserve Hotel Video Production

Engage your customers

Videos are for so much more than just simply showing footage of your property. A professionally executed video conveys your brand's personality, and viewers develop an emotional connection with you before you have even spoken to them. Viewers get to see a close up view as if they were there of all the bliss, beauty, and abundance your property has to offer. This intimate connection forged through video will make potential customers more likely to book with you. .

Statistically proven results

Online video for businesses has been becoming increasingly popular, and it's been well documented why. There is a plethora of stats that prove that video is hands down the most effective way to engage customers, and ultimately...increase sales. Here's a few stats we love:

  • 64% of visitors who view video are more likely to purchase than other site visitors.
  • 200%-300% increase in click through rate when businesses include video in an email.
  • The chances of getting a page one listing on Google increases 53 times with video

Why Rezserve?

The Rezserve Production Team specializes in resort videos while offering some of the most experience in the industry. We have been creating outstanding professional video production for the better part of three years with over 250 videos to our credit. Throughout our journey we've learned how to be extremely effective in connecting your message with your desired audience to achieve your brands goals.

Awesome Hotel Video for Awesome Hotels.
Point Grace Resort, Turks & Caicos

Turks and Caicos is home to the world’s best beach, as well as some of the most luxurious resorts in the world. With most of the properties on the islands being small boutique Resorts, guests only chance to gauge if each Resort is right for them is by reading text, navigating endless reviews, or looking at still photos and attempt to paint a picture of what they believe the property is like. Point Grace decided to get a leg up on their competitors and have the Rezserve team create a promotional video for them. Their goal was to showcase the elegance and intimacy of the property, while highlighting the amazing location they have right in the heart of Grace Bay Beach. With a variety of aerial, time lapse, and standard video footage, as well as an on site interview, Rezserve was able to paint of picture of what this boutique resort is really all about.

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